To apply smart devices and sensors to inform data-driven urban design and planning decisions and create healthy and resilient communities.

With his multidisciplinary background, Dr. Li YI is a researcher & practitioner in Spatial Science and Environmental Epidemiology. His research scope lies at the intersection of public health, spatial sciences, and urban planning, focusing on integrating wearable devices, sensors, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in examining the impact of the built and natural environment features and characteristics on health behaviors and chronic disease outcomes.

Dr. Yi obtained his Ph.D. degree in Population, Health and Place at Spatial Sciences Institute, the University of Southern California. Before that, he taught as a full-time lecturer at the University of Miami School of Architecture and Department of Geography and Sustainable Development between 2013-16. Meanwhile, he provided GIS consulting services to architecture and urban planning firms in Miami, FL.

Dr. Yi is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at The Spatial and Contextual Exposomics and Epidemiology Laboratory at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH), where he is working with Drs. Peter James, Jaime Hart, and Jorge Chavarro on analyses utilizing the rich smartphone data being collected in the Nurses’ Health Studies and Growing Up Today Study.